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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Overcome Hair Loss during menopause

Until recently menopause symptoms is still something very scary and causes many dilemmas for women. Because during the menopause occurs, a lot of the balance organs of the body that are changing due to problems in the production of hormones important in the body. One effect that can make any woman feel fear and lack of confidence is the problem of hair suddenly becomes easy to fall out and are very fragile.
But do not worry, now you can breathe a little easier, because with these surefire tips will be able to overcome the problem of hair loss during menopause sdah attacked a woman. Here are some tips that maybe you can try!

Overcome Hair Loss during menopause
1. Controlling stress
Hair loss is a problem that carried on when someone is experiencing excessive emotional turmoil and ultimately will lead to feelings of anxiety and stress. And if you want to avoid the conditions that will cause your hair to fall out, then you can try by doing activities or the work is healthy for your body and mind become more relaxed and refreshed as meditation or yoga.
2. Massage
One way that you might try is to do a scalp massage around specific acupuncture or massage head. Since both of these procedures and is proven to stimulate blood flow to the scalp better.

3. Nutriment
One's hair loss can be a sign that a person is experiencing low level of nutrition. So it can be assumed that for a healthier life, then of course your body will need vitamins and minerals are fairly balanced. And if you want to reserve the hair is relatively healthy and strong, then you can start by eating more foods that are well known to the content of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc as well as essential fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and even E.

4. Say "No" to processed foods
All meals are produced by processed especially with the way in cooking is one of the foods that cause the body produces too much insulin. Meanwhile, if the production of insulin in the blood stream has increased, it will result in the production of testosterone are higher than ever and can have dire consequences for the health of your hair or can cause hair loss.

5. Choosing the right shampoo
Do not forget to choose which brand and type of shampoo is consistent with your hair. Because the right shampoo will make your scalp healthier and the effect can of course be healthy and strengthens your hair. To maintain and provide the best effects for healthy hair, try to make sure that you always massaging the scalp while shampooing.

6. Avoid tying the hair too tight
Tying hair too tightly is a habit that you should leave it as it can worsen the health of the hair. The impact of course will make your hair fall out so easy and reliable.

As the proverb which says that the health condition of a person's hair shows the person's body.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stress Accelerate Menopause Symptoms in Men

Occasionally, due to the demands of a job that is quite time consuming can be one cause of excessive stress are often faced every person, especially those living in urban areas with job competition level is very high, especially for men. A man who claimed to have a higher career in his life could easily have a menopause symptoms earlier than usual.
So roughly what caused all that could happen?

Stress Accelerate Menopause Symptoms in Men
Symptoms of menopause that is upon a man usually referred to as andropause, and it is also can lead to significant energy shortages, sometimes it can also cause depression, decreased libido levels can interfere with sexual intercourse, and of course will have difficulty get sexual arousal. All the facts are quite startling has been proven by a study conducted by Boffins Willy on the lifestyle of 183 Japanese men between the ages of 34 to the age of 67, in which the average age of the 52 annual obtained.

They conduct more specific on testosterone levels of a man by taking a blood sample, and of all that can be found a very strong relationship between the stress on the job with a fairly high sex drive declining condition among men.

"These findings certainly be evidence that the psychosocial characteristics of the work is closely related to andropause symptoms that afflict the working man," said a senior scientist from the University of Osaka and Okayama, as quoted by The Sun.

"The demands or liabilities completing a job that turned out to be very high indeed could further intensify the relationship between a man's testosterone levels and menopause symptoms. Underlying symptoms of fatigue was not only caused by the hormonal changes, but also by the stress continues continuous or a too high level, "said the scientists. All the results of this study have been published in a journal Maturity few months ago.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Age 11 Years Hit Menopause Symptoms

Due to a lack of understanding of medicine and do not really trust the pharmaceutical products or drugs manufactured by the factory many in the market, one often prefer to use a drug that is traditionally formulated as herbal supplements. But if they have not or did not undergo a fairly rigorous clinical trials, the herbs the course will be able to provide a very risky side effects for those who consume them. It is like most shocking case was going through a young girl who was 11 years old in Italy with menopause symptoms experienced.

Age 11 Years Hit Menopause Symptoms
The girl who until now its existence was kept secret herbs which in Italy known as saw palmetto or some call by the name of Serenoa repens. Herbal remedies are usually more often used as a supplement that is used to treat prostate enlargement that occurs in a man. But in fact, this herb was also having other benefits that are often used by some people to cope with baldness. The girl's name is also still secret has been taking saw palmetto regularly to overcome the disease telogen effluvium, which is a kind of disease that causes hair loss in children.

The first time you take it (the first month), the condition of the child's body is still able to tolerate the inclusion of herbal medicine quite well. But after the child continued taking the herbs until a month had passed, he began to feel or experience the typical symptoms commonly experienced by women who are aged over 50 years, the symptoms of menopause. While the symptoms are often experienced by the child is in the form of hot flashes accompanied by the scent sweating a lot at night. Symptoms such as these are constantly experienced by the child every day. And when he stopped taking the supplements, then 2 months later (after treatment), hot flashes and even then stop.

After about 1 month later she stopped to undergo any kind of treatment, the girl was 11 years old is finally getting her first period. Whereas the average Caucasian girl group will usually first menstruate at the age of about 12.77 years. Even more depressing is the fact that the girl experienced menstruation and even then considered irregular because it lasts for approximately 15 days and is accompanied by a very severe bleeding. While menstrual health should be said only last for about a week.

As already reported by the daily news of the famous Fox News, Wednesday (03/10/2012), menopausal symptoms are experienced by very young girl from Italy has been going on for about a year, which is quite a long time after stopping taking the drug herbs. During this time, a young girl does not undergo any other treatment. That's what causes the treating doctor the girl feel very confident that all the disorder caused by taking the herbs saw palmetto habit.

Saw palmetto if in Italy has been known for a long time and are known to have functions to lower levels of estrogen in the body. Doctors gave the assumption that this is what has made this young girl experiencing menopause symptoms are not normal. Indeed, to date few studies concerning the effects of this herb on most men already there even though only a few, but that does research on women particularly in children did not exist.

Horrendous cases that have been published in the journal Pediatrics provides important emphasis that if someone wants to take certain medications or herbs would be better if the first check or examine carefully about the product before use. Although most herbal products are claimed to be more safe for consumption, but would be much better if everyone would consume always be aware of the side effects like drug production factory.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Menopause Symptoms and How to Overcome It

Menopause Symptoms is a word that is a topic most often discussed by almost every woman in the various parts of the world. Menopause happens to women is a process of permanent cessation of the menstrual cycle and essentially was a turning point of the woman's normal after a few years had always been menstruating regularly every month, but the state is not a disease or a condition to worry about. However, the most frequent cause of the symptoms of menopause that is upon a woman could actually affect the lives or well-being of the woman's body condition.

Causes of Menopause

Menopause Symptoms and How to Overcome It
Age is a major factor to trigger the occurrence of menopause in a woman. Conditions like this is the other side of puberty in the female condition (end of childbearing age), and the main cause is usually affected by the slowing or cessation of ovarian function. In addition, the symptoms of menopause in a woman can also be caused by certain surgeries and medical treatments that have been done by a woman. Examples of surgery or medical treatment is removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy for a particular disease process, and radiation therapy to the area around the pelvis. As for the removal of the uterus without going through the process of removal of the ovaries will not likely trigger menopause.

So roughly when menopause began? Based on data and facts that have been gathered from the National Institute on Aging, as quoted from the site recently, it turns out the majority of women will experience the symptoms of menopause naturally the first time at the age of 51 years. But in some other women menopause can also occur in people under 50 years old.

Women who have the habit of smoking or classified as heavy smokers will tend to experience menopause a few years earlier than women who do not like smoke. Until now I have no single way or method certainly enough to account for the age of menopause in every woman. Only women who are late or do not menstruate at all for 12 consecutive months, with no factor or an obvious cause, which can with certainty say that the woman is experiencing menopause.

Before the onset of menopause or commonly referred to as perimenopause. A natural menopause will occur gradually or the occurrence of ovarian stop abruptly, but gradually slowed down until eventually stop completely.

Menopause Symptoms and How to Overcome It

If the occurrence of menopause was imminent, the period of menstruation will be amended. However, the process of change can be varied and always different in every woman. There are getting shorter or it could be longer, could be more or even less and less, with a longer time span or sometimes shorter in each period. All the changes that occur are still relatively normal.

Here are the other symptoms that often follows symptoms of menopause:

Hot flashes

This phenomenon is one of the most common symptoms experienced by women who have experienced menopause. Hot flashes are a feeling of heat or burning sensation that appears briefly and the effect can make the face and neck flushed. Furthermore, hot flashes can also cause the appearance of red spots in the area around the chest, back and arms. Such conditions are also likely to be followed by sweating and feeling cold diirngi extensive physical.

Sleep disorders

The occurrence of hot flashes are usually often appear at night will cause disturbed sleep conditions and led to a lot of sweat throughout the body.

Disorders of sex

Decreased or the reduced production of the hormone estrogen in women can also cause dryness of the area around the vagina or the vagina itself. This of course will make the onset of pain during intercourse.

If the symptoms you are experiencing menopause disrupt your daily activities, then you should immediately consult a doctor. A doctor will be able to provide a best solution for you and will also give consideration to whether or not hormone therapy for you and other prescription drugs, such as the use of birth control pills that have a low enough dose during perimenopause, antidepressant, or use of blood pressure drugs, vaginal creams as well as other therapeutic processes.

Hormone replacement therapy remains one of the most effective ways to relieve of menopause symptoms. Agency U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had always advocated the use of products that have a relatively low dose and in the shortest possible time. It is closely related to the results of studies and research that found evidence that use of hormone replacement therapy in the long run will increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, blood coagulation and also some types of cancer including breast cancer.

If the occurrence of menopause was imminent, the period of menstruation will be amended. However, the process of change can be varied and always different in every woman. There are getting shorter or it could be longer, could be more or even less and less, with a longer time span or sometimes shorter in each period. All the changes that occur are still relatively normal.

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All Things About Male Menopause

Indeed there are many people who think that sex hormone that is within every man is not affected at all by the age factor. Opinions like that of course is not true, because based on the results of recent research has proven that a man was also able to experience the same decline in sex hormones that occur in a woman.

Sexual hormones flowing in a man is not going to stop spontaneously and suddenly, as is common in a woman experiencing menopausal symptoms. Because what will happen is the production of testosterone levels gradually and slowly began to experience a reduction or decrease in the rate of decline between 1-2 percent per year, and starting from the age of a man stepping 30 years.

All Things About Male Menopause
Of all the above events, a lot of people who end up as a condition called male menopause. And the most appropriate term is of it all is andropause.

Is andropause?

The word andropause very often we hear actually comes from the word androgen, a word that refers more to the hormone for in a man even though women have turned out well though in a lesser degree. The main androgen in men is testosterone then DHT (dihydrotestosterone), androstenedione, and the last is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Testosterone in addition serves to increase libido in men, it can also lead to changes in sexual characteristics in a man, including peruabahan face shape, hair growth and sound different from the women who have the characteristics of a deeper.

Andropause is a picture of a situation that occurs when the testes had a little problem and do not produce enough testosterone to the body. From various research results convincing enough to conclude that the relatively low testosterone in men when the levels are the range 250-300 nanograms per deciliter or it could be less than that.
Lifestyle changes are considered unhealthy habits such as smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages with high enough levels, obesity, and stress is also one of the causes of the increased risk of andropause in men.

Common symptoms and the most common time of andropause in men are:
- Decreased libido or decreased sexual ability
- The condition of the body easily tired and weak or tired
- The decline in the ability of memory or memory
- The occurrence of erectile dysfunction or commonly called impotence.
There are many other symptoms that the condition is not the same in every man. And some of the symptoms mentioned above, of course its not specific because it can be caused by various factors.

Until now there is no highly effective way to diagnose andropause is. Than by considering and analyzing the overall health condition through a medical history of having experienced by men, it turns out the test in a lab also needed to know exactly how many levels of testosterone produced by the man.

Andropause is a process that is very natural and almost every man will experience it. But you can still live healthy even though you have testosterone levels low enough. However, if due to certain conditions that will ultimately lead to a problem such as diabetes, thyroid disease problems are quite disturbing or impotence problems that will make you lose confidence in yourself, then you can immediately consult with a doctor who is skilled in the art to solve problems You are dealing with more specific.

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Early Menopause Causes Heart Disease

Under no circumstances or conditions, there are few women may experience menopause before the age of 45 years or commonly referred to as premature menopause. So far the scientists are not yet able to give a definite picture of the causes of this type of menopause, because scientists can only guess that the cause is influenced by lifestyle and irregular eating habits and less healthy. And if you refer to the results of recent studies have found evidence that women who experienced the early menoupause likely twice more vulnerable to heart disease or stroke compared with women who experience menopause longer or over the age of 50 years.

"There are some specific criteria in women who have a higher risk against these diseases," said Dr. Melissa Wellons, a senior scientist who heads a team of researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. "It would be better if the first check for traditional risk factors, such as checking cholesterol levels in the body and the blood pressure that would normally be associated with an increased risk of heart disease in women," he added, as already quoted by Reuters on Thursday (28/6 / 2012).

Studies and research have been published in the journal menopause some time ago this involves more than 2509 women from the U.S., 331 of them from ethnic Chinese, 641 were from black women and about 550 women from the rest of Latin nations. Of the many participants, nearly 700 of them or 28 percent of premature menopause, either naturally occurring or arising after menopause or a hysterectomy surgery to remove or lift the uterus is a major cause of premature menopause. In addition, when the first study was carried no reports of participants who experienced or certain heart disease. Only after running for 5 years of study, the researchers found that 23 participants (3.3 percent) who experienced early menopause and 27 other participants (1.5 percent) was not a normal menopause, suffer a heart attack or heart stopped completely .

It is not clear why early menopause may be associated with certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Only allegedly Wellons that the hormone estrogen may be the main cause of the woman's body will produce less estrogen after menopause.

But until now there is no hard evidence that taking hormones will be able to cope with these changes, and also can reduce a woman's risk for cardiovascular disease or Early Menopause Causes Heart Disease. The news otherwise obtained from the results of studies and research conducted by the Women's Health Initiative some time ago that suggested that hormone replacement therapy should be stopped early because of the impact of the women taking hormones after menopause is actually will be at higher risk of developing the disease heart disease and some types of cancer other hazards.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dangerous Pain at Menopause

Menopause is a time that makes a woman would naturally be permanently suspended from mensturasi period which usually occurs regularly every month. In addition to interference or physical and psychological symptoms that often get attacked a woman after menopause, it turns out there are also many other painful symptoms that can occur during this period.
Here is the current Dangerous Pain at Menopause that may occur:

1. Pain or fibrocystic breast surrounding the area will usually arise because of the effects of water retention experienced by a woman during menopause.

2. Pain around the joints on most people will be able to make the life and daily activities become interrupted.

3. Relief for some members of the body, especially the tension in the muscles can be caused by a lack of regular exercise can also kerana or poor diet. Along with the increasing age of a woman, muscles that are not used regularly or rarely exercising will become more tense. It is therefore recommended to always keep your muscle tone by exercising regularly and routinely.

4. Headache and pain around the head of the other becomes more common due to hormonal changes or due to hormone replacement therapy does.

5. Itching to attack most of the surface of the skin caused by dryness can occur in women who are menopausal. In addition, excessive water shortages and extremely low estrogen levels can also cause the skin to itch.

6. Tingling that occurs in the hands and arms up to the limit of the foot can also be a fairly typical problem that often arises in menopause.

7. Issues around the teeth and gums, such as the incidence of bleeding with no obvious cause of the gums or gingivitis is commonly called the problem may also occur.

8. Other symptoms that can make someone feel annoyed that a burning sensation on the tongue that intense, as if the tongue exposed objects exposed to heat or hot drinks.

9. The problem centered on the area around digestion may also occur, such as diarrhea that comes on suddenly, nausea, stomach cramps or even happen.

10. The advent of electric shock sensation is quite disturbing to occur before or after the occurrence of hot flashes, but this condition will usually only last for a few seconds only in women who experience menopause symptoms.

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5 Warning Signs Menopause Symptoms

Menopause or when the symptoms of menopause is a period that occurs in a woman when his natural life cycle of menstruation has decreased or stopped altogether. And usually a woman's reproductive function will end when it was about 50 years or so, but to date there is no standard age of one can be sure exactly when the process of menstruation in women will stop completely. When the ovaries begin to stop responding to the release of hormones from the pituitary gland, the ovaries are no longer able to release an egg, and it is also followed by the hormones estrogen and pogresteron are steadily declining.

Here are 5 Warning Signs Menopause Symptoms can affect the condition of women:

1. Irregular Menstruation
There are some special characteristics that can provide a clearer definition of when conditions are irregular periods. Some of the symptoms are often encountered are spotting, bleeding more profusely than before or it could be blood coming out less than usual, while a slightly longer period or periods of time became shorter, sometimes menstruation delayed or not come out at all, and sometimes menstruation became more frequent out, all belonging to chaotic conditions is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body.

2. Hot flashes
Hot flashes that often occur at night usually caused by low or reduced levels of the hormone estrogen in the body. Such symptoms often begin to appear when a woman will experience what is known as a symptom of menopause for the first time and usually it will be experienced by a woman two years before she stops menstruating completely. Hot flashes more often characterized by the condition of the face and chest burned suddenly and feeling quite extreme heat and quickly spread throughout the body, usually immediately followed by a shivering body condition.

3. Sweating in the Night
The state of the body that secrete sweat a lot at night is much like the condition of the occurrence of hot flashes that often occur at night, but the difference this happens when you're sleeping. Women who experience it will usually wake up because of the state of his body soaked with sweat on his body. The habit of eating foods that are classified as spicy or even drinking alcohol before bed is one of the things that can trigger night sweats.

4. Dry Vagina
Drought that occurred around the vagina will cause a kind of film that exists in the vaginal walls become less elastic and feels itchy, and of course it will be able to make sexual intercourse painful and uncomfortable.

5. Loss of Libido
Loss of libido in a woman who had entered menopause in her life often caused by two things, the first due to decreased hormone conditions or a woman has entered menopause symptoms. Sufficient condition is on every woman's disturbing results will vary and this course will be able to cause an inability to have an orgasm or arousal.

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Menopause Symptoms in Men

Menopause symptoms can also occur unexpectedly in men and it usually is often referred to as andropause. although its existence is often denied by most men, but actually it is a very real condition and it was really there. Symptoms is similar to menopause that occurs in most women, as the main cause of menopause is a decrease in the production levels of certain hormones in the body. However, in broad outline, of course, still there is a difference between the two, both symptomatically and in terms of impact between women and men.
Here are the signs of andropause are most easily recognized in men, among them:

Menopause Symptoms in Men
1. Testosterone production fell
The occurrence of a problem with the production of testosterone which becomes increasingly weaker as the complaints of various diseases that often accompany during andropause in men. Diseases do not seem so dangerous as mild depression but with a little intensity often, obesity, or other conditions are quite an impact on the level of testosterone production. The biggest difference is when the period of menopause in women is usually to loss or reduction of estrogen levels in total, and the opportunity to be able to have children will also decrease. While attacking andropause men usually do not directly give effect to the decline in testosterone production up until it stops completely. Because a man who showed symptoms of andropause when she is getting old but he is still able to have children.

2. Body chills
Symptoms are similar to the symptoms that occur in women, a man's body was also experiencing hot and cold conditions. The body will feel the heat and spend a lot of sweat, then gradually will begin to cool again. Such symptoms are usually also be accompanied by symptoms of dizziness and nausea excessive. And all of these symptoms usually only last for a few minutes, and occurred during the approximately 2 to 4 hours.

3. Changes in mood
Mood changes in a man with menopause symptoms is the result or consequence of the hormonal fluctuations. The hormone will then affect the level of serotonin in the brain, and then be able to affect a person's mood. Mood at each person will experience changes in the positive direction if the amount of serotonin in the brain is quite high, and it will turn out to be negative if the level is decreased or less. That needs to be noted is, mood changes in a man usually will not be too intense when compared to the changes that occur in a woman.

4. Easy to forget
Ability associated with memory or concentration will decrease or drastically reduced when a man has entered a period of andropause, although to date there has been no research that can explain with certainty the relationship between hormone levels quite obvious someone with memory loss or memory.

5. Decreased sex drive
And among the many symptoms that usually occur in men who experience menopause symptoms and reasonably feared was a decline in libido. Nearly 80 percent of men will experience symptoms like this. Appropriate medical treatment and will be able to overcome and normalize the erectile dysfunction is caused by andropause.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Menopause Symptoms Faced with Bee Propolis

Menopause is part of a biological process that could signal the end of the menstrual cycle and fertile period in every woman, and every woman would have had the name menopausal. Reduced levels of estrogen produced by the body during menopause will significantly impact on a woman's discomfort including problems often encountered are usually hot flashes, the problem is difficult to sleep or commonly called insomnia, excessive anxiety, feelings of depression, osteoporosis, and also problems Other skin. Propolis is produced by bees it can be used as an alternative medicine that is good enough to relieve Menopause Symptoms in women.

Bee Propolis
Propolis is a natural wonder that is made by bees in the nest using a resin derived or extracted from tree buds and similar waxy substance secreted from their stomachs. Propolis is usually used by the bees as an adhesive in the nest at the same time serves as an antiseptic that nest free from various diseases.

Bee Propolis has antibacterial properties as a major is quite powerful, it also serves as an anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Propolis is most widely used in a variety of processed products such as chewing gum, some kinds of cosmetics, creams, various candies, is also commonly used as a hardening tooth enamel and can certainly be used to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Estrogenic effects
According to the Journal of Ethnopharmocology that was issued some time ago, the clinical tests done on some women showed that bee propolis was able to produce or provide estrogenic effects that could potentially alleviate or reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Phytoestrogens clinically proven to reduce the risk of occurrence of osteoporosis in women entering menopause, the incoming class of cardiovascular disease, various cancers, as well as relieve symptoms of hot flashes. Since propolis produced naturally by bees contains many phytoestrogens, so if combining propolis supplements into a healthy diet program will certainly help relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Although every woman who is old enough or have entered old age (50 years and above) or women who are experiencing menopause are advised to regularly eat a diet high in phytoestrogens (bee propolis is one that includes among others) to relieve of menopause symptoms, but unfortunately to date I have found no results could be accounted for clinically despite already done some studies and research advanced by some experts to find sufficient evidence on the issue definitively.

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Most Accurate Ways To Treat Menopause Symptoms

Perimenopause is often also referred to as menopause symptoms is a time of transition will start the actual menopause in a woman. That describes an interval period of a woman's body that is undergoing a shift naturally from the normal menstrual cycle menstruation to be not at all until the end of his life. And during the perimenopause, there are some fairly fundamental changes will occur in the female body.
Following Signs of Menopause in Women Coming, as it was released a few days ago MayoClinic.

Irregular Menstruation
Ovulation happens in the body becomes erratic or irregular, the interval between periods of menstruation previously run normally would turn towards longer or shorter, and perhaps in some women it will miss some periods.

Sleep disorders
This one problem is attacked by almost 65 to 75 percent of most women, and is most common during perimenopause. As for the issue amount, duration and frequency on each woman will vary. Sleep disorders are common in women because of excessive sweating at night.

Changes in mood
Some of the events are taken from the experiences of a number of women showed a change in mood that will make women become irritable or an increase in the risk of depression during perimenopause, but sometimes the cause of these symptoms can be caused by sleep disorders. But sometimes the mood changes in women can also be caused by factors completely unrelated to the hormonal changes during perimenopause.

Vaginal and bladder problems
When levels of estrogen a woman's uterus begins to decline, the vaginal tissues may lose lubrication and elasticity, so if you're having sex will cause pain around the vagina. In some cases, low estrogen levels have started to decrease or be able to make a woman more susceptible to infections of the bladder or urinary tract or vagina too.

Decline in fertility
The occurrence of ovulation was no longer on a regular basis will make a woman's ability to conceive will also be reduced. However, as long as she is still having periods, the occurrence of pregnancy is of course still possible. And if the woman wants to avoid pregnancy in a way quite effectively, then the best way is to use contraception until the woman does not have menstrual periods at all for 12 months.

Changes in sexual function
During perimenopause period occurs, usually sexual desire will also change significantly. But not every woman will experience it, because all they usually depend on the woman's condition

Changes in cholesterol levels
The decrease in estrogen levels that would result in a drastic change unfavorable affect blood cholesterol levels during perimenopause, including in some cases led to an increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) - or bad cholesterol in the blood while experiencing of menopause symptoms, which contributes large enough for the increased risk of heart disease.

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